Instant Banking provides e-commerce merchants with a low cost, low risk solution for accepting instant bank transfer payments from consumers in more than 20 countries.

Instant Banking is just what you need to:

Expand into new markets

Instant Banking is the perfect complement to your cashier. Rather than supporting multiple local payment options, a single integration provides access to more than a billion consumers in over 20 countries.

Access millions of new customers

We have a large base of consumers that have trusted Instant Banking with their online payments for more than 10 years, and we provide access to the more than a billion people already using online banking to pay their household bills.

Accept online banking payments easily

Our easy-to-integrate solution automates the steps usually required by customers to make payments through online banking, eliminating lost payments due to miskeying of transaction amounts and bank account numbers.

Offer customers local payment options cost-effectively

Instant Banking has an extensive international bank network that enables you to provide customers with access to their preferred bank at checkout, with built-in FX capabilities and support for all local languages and currencies.

Protect you and your customers’ payments

Our sophisticated in-house risk management systems have evolved and been modified to manage the changing face of fraud. We are able to provide a customized control environment to optimize your sales while limiting loss, as well as offer your customers bank-level security when logging in to their bank and making payments online.

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