Paramount Commerce Launches New Merchant Portal

Paramount Commerce Launches New Merchant Portal cover

Paramount Commerce Launches New Merchant Portal

March 12, 2024

Paramount Commerce has launched a new merchant portal to simplify monitoring data and accessing reports. This innovative move aims to provide advanced reporting capabilities through an easy-to-use experience for both existing and potential merchants. 

Here are the three top reasons why merchants benefit from Paramount Commerce’s new merchant portal:

Easy To Use Dashboard: 

  • Why it’s important: Simplifies monitoring of pending deposits, reserves, and available balances.

  • How it helps: Merchants can swiftly navigate through different portal sections, ensuring a seamless transaction monitoring experience.

Managing Multiple Merchant IDs:

  • Why it’s important: Access reports and essential functions from one portal for all branches, subsidiaries, and Paramount products.

  • How it helps: Tailors the experience according to the specific needs and preferences of online business operators.

User Management Made Simple:

  • Why it’s important: Make it easy to add or remove users and assign roles and permissions.

  • How it helps: A centralised view of active users ensures better control and oversight, making user management quick and efficient. 

This innovative Merchant Portal from Paramount Commerce sets a new standard in the payment industry. By addressing the challenges existing merchants face and meeting potential customers’ diverse needs, Paramount Commerce establishes itself as a leader in payment solutions. As the April 30, 2024, migration deadline approaches, Paramount’s existing merchants are encouraged to embrace this modernized experience for a seamless and efficient payment ecosystem.

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